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'In Our Hearts' Project בליבנו

The ‘In Our Hearts’ project has been created to be a resource for families who have lost a child and for the Jewish community, and beyond to be more educated in this painful area of loss and bereavement.


Judaism views this kind of loss as uniquely painful and traumatic.

Parents who experience such a loss join the fellowship of the Shakhul, the Torah’s term reserved for this special category of bereaved parents.


 We are dedicated to creating a virtual home for families that have experienced child loss. We serve as a sensitive, supportive, and caring place to turn in addressing this delicate and traumatic experience.


Unfortunately we cannot change the reality, we cannot take away the pain, but we hope to strengthen you and be by your side as you live with the heartbreak and keep your child’s memory forever present.

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We are proud to have published a new children’s book
“I Miss My Baby” by Pnina Rosenstark. The book tells the heartbreaking story of the loss of an infant. The story is told through the eyes of the child’s three year old sister and touches on the tragic pain of the loss of a sibling.  Pnina Rosenstark, the bereaved mother, wrote the text of the book ten years ago and for various reasons the text “sat on her shelf.”

I Miss My Baby By: Pnina Rosenstark

We feel honored to bring Pnina’s story to others. This moving book will serve as a helpful resource to schools and families to open up a conversation about child loss, especially with younger children.
If this book can be helpful to someone you know, please contact us and we will send it to them. To receive a free copy, please send us your address:

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