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Refuge In Grief

Refuge In Grief

“This site is full of validation, support, and resources that can help you survive what has been asked of you – whether that’s the death of someone you love, the loss of something you can’t live without, or witnessing unfixable pain in the people you love.”
What's Your Grief?

What’s Your Grief?

This is a website whose mission is to “promote grief education, exploration, and expression in both practical and creative ways.” They aim to provide the public with education that reaches beyond generalization, practical and specific suggestions for moving forward, as well a supportive community among other things.

Menuchas Hanefesh

Menuchas Hanefesh

Menuchas hanefesh is a global organization whose aim is to help destigmitize miscarriage and stillbirths in the jewish community.   Their services assist women and families navigate the emotional period of pregnancy loss and pregnancy after a loss.

Menuchas Hanefesh sends out a unique pregnancy loss package, free of charge, as well as offer support, meals and assistance to those in need.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our services or would like more information please email

Our Tapestry

Our Tapestry

Our Tapestry is a non-profit organization whose mission is to be the conduit for providing the right tools, offering empathy and solace to families who have suffered the loss of a child. Our Tapestry publishes and mails seasonal magazines to hundreds of bereaved families worldwide and organizes local gatherings. For more information, visit:

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