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We are here to provide what ever help possible for you in light of this tragedy.

A Guide for the Community during Shiva and beyond:

When a child passes away it is a traumatic and shocking experience for everyone. We are in unfamiliar territory that puts us in a place of unease. A community wants to be helpful; saying the right things and doing the right things. What are the best practices? We have created a guide to help educate friends, family, and community members during the initial week of shiva and beyond.

Materials & Resources

Judaism has a unique perspective on loss. We highlight here teachings from a Jewish perspective as well as universal teachings. We offer a collection of essays, articles and recommendations of books that address child loss, bereavement and related issues. 

Ways to Remember

Many bereaved families have found memorial projects to be an important pathway to commemorating their child’s life. We have gathered meaningful ways families have chosen to memorialize their child.


Child loss is a topic often not spoken about. It is an extremely painful area to address so we tend to shy away from it.  We believe that the more rabbis, leaders of the community, and lay people are educated in this area the better equipped they can be to serve as a source of strength for families that have lost a child.We offer to visit your Shul, JCC, school, rabbinical group etc. and offer our teachings in this area. Please contact us if you would like an opportunity for us to speak to your group.

Kaddish For Your Loved One

The ideal preference is that the close relatives of the deceased recite kaddish. When that is not possible, or as a supplement or safeguard to that, another person can be assigned to do so. In Our Hearts offers you the opportunity for kaddish to be recited for the first eleven months after the passing and then on each yahrzeit. Feel free to contact us to arrange reciting Kaddish for any kind of loss

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