Saying Kaddish for a Loved One

We Can Say Kaddish For You

The ideal preference is that the close relatives of the deceased recite kaddish. When that is not possible, or as a supplement or safeguard to that, another person can be assigned to do so. In Our Hearts offers you the opportunity for kaddish to be recited for the first eleven months after the passing and then on each yahrzeit. Feel free to contact us to arrange reciting Kaddish for any kind of loss.  To request this service please email us at

The Meaning of Kaddish

The practice of saying the Kaddish pray 3 times a day amongst a minyan (quorum) in recognition of the deceased is a powerful and meaningful process, but often if you don’t understand the words, or purpose of what you are trying to accomplish, saying Kaddish can be hard.  Here are two videos explaining the meaning and function of Kaddish.

Assistance Saying Kaddish

Learn to say the Jewish Mourning Prayer with this simple karaoke style video that combines the original Aramaic, a simple transliteration and the English translation. The Kaddish is in Aramaic, not Hebrew, except for the last sentence.

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