For The Community

Friends and community members who keep the memory of a child alive can be of great support to the bereaved family.  How do we show our sensitivity to the loss that a family member or a community member has gone through? We offer suggestions to help guide you.

There are many beautiful and creative ways people have chosen to memorialize a child.  Below are ideas that others have put into action. These examples are meant help to those who are considering what they might do to eternalize their child’s memory in a concrete way.

For the Family

For those who have lost a child finding a way to memorialize and to keep your child’s loving presence with you and with your family and friends is so very important. We don’t ever want people to forget a beloved child that has passed away. We want to ensure that he/she remains forever in our minds and hearts.

Ways To Mark a Yahrzeit
and/or a Birthday


What are some of the things that people have done in a more intimate way on a yahrzeit that we can learn from? Suggestions and examples are presented here.

Create Your Own Video

We thought that this would be a valuable gift to you and your family. So many of us who have lost a child have footage of our children on video and in pictures. We would like to help you make a video of your child. This is a video that you might watch together as family on your child’s birthday or yahrzeit, it might be a piece you share with friends through social media, or you might choose to keep it private and have it for your family. No matter how you choose to use it – this is for you, a keepsake that will help keep his/her memory alive in a meaningful ways. We have hired a professional team that will assist you with this. Please contact us to coordinate this special endeavor.



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